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Vendor Information

​A vendor license is required and must be obtained from the National Office of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® to:

  • Produce, distribute or sell wholesale/retail products (paraphernalia) displaying or referencing Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. trademark or trade name; and/or

  • ​Produce, distribute or sell paraphernalia or different items at any nationally sponsored or fellowship associated functions.

Vendors are welcomed to submit an application, accompanied with photographs of items to be sold. Licenses are valid according to the Vendor Classification license purchased. Vendor licenses are non-transferable, including allowing another to use your license (and vice versa) to produce, distribute or sell products related to the Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.

​Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. reserves the right to revoke or terminate any license should the items sold, in the organization’s sole discretion, promote a negative image, includes a design or mark that infringes upon another’s intellectual property, is immoral; of poor taste, or is contrary to the views and standards of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. For consideration, complete/submit one of the Vendor Applications below.

     Online Vendor Application

     Downloadable Application

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