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Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. ® has a strict no tolerance anti-hazing policy which prohibits any form of hazing during the Rites of Passage (ROP) Program. The Rites of Passage Program is a period designed to promote sisterhood between Candidates and Members of Swing Phi Swing ®, to provide information on the history of the organization, and to teach prospective member(s) the governing policy and procedures necessary to become successful members. 


Hazing is defined as an act without a defined purpose that can include but are not limited to: physical violence of any kind, verbal or mental harassment, embarrassment, intimidation, or disgrace. Hazing can also include financial burdens, “pre-pledging” or underground activities not approved or sanctioned by the National Organization.


Swing Phi Swing ® does not condone or practice hazing, as it is in direct violation of the constitution and bylaws which govern the organization. No Rites of Passage program may contain activities barred by the laws of local municipalities, counties, states, or federal governments. Chapters and members are bound to obey all overarching rules and regulations of the college/universities or state(s) where they are chartered and may be subject to additional disciplinary action by the State Attorney and/or University administration, with penalties resulting in chapter suspension and/or student expulsion.  Members who are aware of or suspect hazing activities are responsible for reporting the incident to the Executive Office for corrective action. Failure to comply makes the members equally culpable and subject to disciplinary action themselves.  

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