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Good Health Wins

Saving Ourselves Mini-Grant FAQ

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Inc. ® joined the Good Health Wins Immunization Network (GHWINs), whose goal of reducing social determinants to health equity, closely aligns with the mission and national initiatives of our beloved organization. Through this collaboration,
Swing and countless community leaders will work to increase confidence in vaccines as a health benefit, dispelling myths, and improving access among people of color.

The National Office created the Saving Ourselves (SOS) campaign to move our national health initiative because we understand that any effort to improve health access and frequency will directly save our communities and ultimately ourselves. This year, we are proud to offer region
and chapter level mini grants to fund innovative community-based activities around vaccine education and outreach.

Grant Award
The 2023 Saving Ourselves GHWins Mini Grant awards will range from $500 ‐ $1,000 per grant period. There will be two (2) grant periods per year.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must submit a complete application, sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), document mini-grant related service project(s) via the national community outreach log, participate in mandatory GHWins Community of Practice (CoP) events, and complete a final report documenting how the project(s) will impact the community (i.e., # vaccinations, # tests administered, # educational materials
provided, target population demographics, community partnerships, etc.).

Are all SWING regions and chapters eligible?
Yes, all regions and chapters in good standing with the National Office are eligible to apply.

Can we apply for the SOS mini grants more than once?
Yes, Regions/chapters can apply for funding up to two (2) times a year during the GHWins fiscal year (April 2023 – March 2024). Applicants are encouraged to apply for both grant periods.

How are mini-grant funds awarded?
Funds will be awarded to regions and chapters after completing the proposed project(s) and all mandatory grant activities and trainings. The National Treasurer will only issue mini-grant funding to regions and chapters with an active Swing bank account.

What is the time frame to complete a grant project?
All mini grant projects must be completed within the grant period (June - Sept 2023).

Key Dates
SPRING 2023 Grant Period Opens                 June 3, 2023
Application Deadline                                         June 17, 2023
Awardee Notification & MOAs due       June 26, 2023
Mini-grant project execution                           June 26 – Sept 1, 2023
Final Reports due                                               September 14, 2023
Project Review & Funds Release           Sept 25 – Oct 9, 2023

FALL 2023 Grant Period (Opens October 15, 2023)

What if we don’t spend all the funds or cannot complete the project on time?

Can mini-grant funds be used for recruitment/capacity building?
Mini-grant funds are strictly limited to health equity project(s) dedicated to increasing vaccine awareness and adoption. Promoting our service campaign will naturally create interest in the organization. However, funds cannot be used directly to improve the member base of the applicant region or chapter (i.e., recruiting, fundraising).

Can mini-grant funds be spent on food or incentives?
Yes, however, this should be no more than 20% of the total grant allocation and be health oriented. If you plan to include food or incentives, contact the national SOS Committee to discuss the budget.

What activities cannot be funded by this mini grant?
Mini grant funds cannot be used for general Region or Chapter operating costs; administrative
costs; transportation; salaries; individuals; room reservations; capital campaigns including brick and mortar establishments, scholarships, etc.; fundraising events including the purchase of
tickets or tables, membership drives, raffles, or auctions; political or religious activities that conflict with IRS 501(c) requirements; books or equipment unrelated to the program or intended for reuse outside the project.


How can you apply?
Apply for the 2023 Saving Ourselves Mini-Grant application on the national website, by QR code, or

Additional Questions?
Contact our GHWins Project Manager Lori Gittens at

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