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Presidential Message

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Greetings –


It is my privilege to welcome you to the online home of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Inc. ® 


Our beloved organization was founded by twelve daring and dynamic collegiate women who were emboldened by the events of Civil Rights Movement. They understood that change was eminent and necessary for people of color. On the anniversary of the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they joined hearts and hands to create a sisterhood intent on affecting social change. Fifty years later, our mission is just as relevant as it was in 1969, in fact it is essential to the advancement of the communities we serve.   


Through this common bond, Sisters of Swing Phi Swing SFI® work collaboratively Together Towards Tomorrow through Sisterhood Service and Solidarity to address the economic, social and cultural concerns of our communities.


We nurture our rich heritage, rooted in cultural awareness, to cultivate lifelong bonds with women committed to empowering themselves and the future leaders of tomorrow thereby strengthening our communities as a whole. These bonds transcend age, socioeconomic status, education, and geographical boundaries.



We provide volunteer work for the betterment of the communities where we live, work and fellowship as part of our commitment to the mission SWING. Sisters focus their efforts in the areas of Mentorship, Health and Fitness, and Economic Success via our national service initiatives. Swing partners with complementary organizations to encourage growth and sustainability of the African American community.



We are change makers who stand up for community programs and policy that provide greater access and means the greater community. Sisters pledge their time and efforts to, but not limited to - voter advocacy, equal opportunity and access to education as global citizens intent on improving the quality of life for all. Our efforts have and will continue to affect social and economic equality for the African American community and the larger Diaspora.


It is my honor to guide the sisterhood in our mission and guiding principles by imploring innovation, collaboration and strategic planning to further advance the organization and ensure our purpose for 50 years and beyond. In partnership with the National Leadership, I am committed to providing our members and the broader community with the utmost service and perseverance to build on the legacy of our beloved Founders and past leaders.

Thank you for taking time to learn about what motivates the Sisters of Swing and if the living spirit of our sisterhood connects with you, then I welcome you to explore that further with regional and chapter officers.

On behalf of the Founders, Board of Directors, Executive Office and the Sisters of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. ®, we invite you to visit the website to become affiliated, join in service and to receive updates on our progress.

Lori S. Gittens

Lori S. Gittens, MBA

9th National President

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