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​How do I become a member?
​You must submit a membership application and receive approval to participate in our Rites of Passage Program before becoming a member. To request an application, complete our Membership Inquiry Form.


What is the Rites of Passage Program?
Our Rites of Passage Program is a project-driven process.  It is designed to allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, your culture, and this organization. 


If there is no chapter in my area, can I still become a member?

​​​Definitely. Swing Phi Swing welcomes the opportunity to grow our membership base. This is why we have seven designated Regional Administrators across the U.S. who not only maintain current chapters but work to recruit in areas where we are not currently represented.​


​Why is your organization non-Greek?
​Our organization was founded by twelve remarkable, young women who were determined to offer an alternative to sorority and Greek life for women of color. These bold women challenged the norm and established a true sisterhood that promoted knowledge of self, activism, and individuality.


​​Can I be a member of a Greek-letter sorority and a member of Swing Phi Swing?
We will not accept members who belong to a Greek-lettered sorority found in the National Pan-Hellenic Council or allow the continued membership of a member who becomes a member of one of these sororities. However, academic, business or service sorority membership is allowed.


​If you are non-Greek, then why is the Greek letter “Phi” in your name?
​The “Phi” in our name does not represent the Greek letter phi, but is an acronym that stands for Promoting Higher Intelligence.

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