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Who We Are

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, promoting and achieving academic excellence, and enhancing community and cultural consciousness. Our specific purpose is Supporting Women In Need of Growth, which facilitates the attainment of goals that are necessary for personal and professional growth. Swing welcomes diversity, encourages individuality, and offers a haven for women who feel a strong connection with their ethnic heritage.

As a service-based organization, we are committed to supporting organizations and efforts that parallel the goals of our beloved sisterhood. We proudly partner with national service organizations such as the National Council of Negro Women and participate in community building activities that raise awareness for issues that affect our community. Members donate their time and financial assistance to hurricane relief efforts; contribute to clothing, food and book drives; and volunteer at local women's shelters and soup kitchens.

We are a vibrant group of women with extraordinary strength, courage, innovation, and spirit. With 50+ graduate and undergraduate chapters, Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc. has proven to be a positive addition to many campuses and communities across the United States.

Mission Statement

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® is committed to affecting social change. Members of Swing Phi Swing will dedicate their time, energy and virtue to enriching the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to promote leadership, academic excellence, community involvement and civic and cultural consciousness. We strive to embody a Sisterhood through fellowship of women of all creeds.



​Swing Phi Swing is an acronym for:

​Sisters With Interest Never Gone
Sisters have the unique opportunity to take on leadership roles and make significant contributions to their family, community, and sisterhood.

Promoting Higher Intelligence
Our achievement and success is dependent on a commitment to academic excellence. Individual achievement leads to the strength of our community and Swing.

Supporting Women In Need of Growth
Our sisterhood offers support which facilitates the attainment of goals that are necessary for educational, professional, and personal growth by providing leadership, service, and fellowship among members and women in our communities.

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