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National Programs

Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® is committed to actualized change in the lives of our members and the communities we support and in which we live. As members, we have committed our lives to service in order to foster the positive growth and sustainability of the women, children, and communities we work alongside. Read more about our National Programs below and learn more about how we can work together to build a relationship and a nation from the grassroots level.


Swing fosters dialogue regarding health and wellness issues, to create healthy communities; serve to raise awareness of diseases or prevention strategies; support funders, advocates, policy experts, practitioners and most importantly community residents; partnership and collaboration to help drive positive change in community environments by bringing together multiple sectors of society to work together to inform, implement and create change.

Global  Outreach & Optimism in the Diaspora (GOOD)

Swing uplifts and supports community collaborative strategies near and abroad to improve the social, political, educational, and health conditions of women, children, and people of color. We focus on women, children, and communities of color, creating collaborations to do GOOD by strengthening communities through empowerment, education, sponsorship, and support of causes and campaigns to create resources, and access to services.


Sisters work with community partners, schools, parents, and professionals invested in nurturing and empowering high potential youth in low opportunity communities. Many chapters complete this initiative through any level of the National Ebony Pearl Mentoring Program. Our national mentoring program strengthens girls 6-18 growing in creative capital by excelling, serving, and boldly impacting their world near and far. Our yearly Youth Empowerment Summit helps build self-esteem, hone leadership ability, promote academic excellence, and inspire young people within urban communities to become leaders, and advocates in steering their peers and communities forward.



We strive to connect, equip and enrich the lives of today's youth through skill-building, academic goal-setting, and encouraging their creative capital. This initiative includes Supplies 4 Success for students & Schools (S4S), and Community Literacy & Arts Project. Supplies for Success aids and equips students and teachers with new and sustainable classroom supplies, materials, and scholarships to produce positive educational gains. The Community Literacy & Arts Project promotes and supports literacy and artistic collaborative for students to actualize and visualize their creative talents.

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